Isaac's Dream Documentary

Robyn and Joe share all about Isaac’s Dream and how it came about… its inception, its vision, its dream for this part of Africa. Also learn more about Isaac and and how he became the inspiration for this project.

Watch the video to learn more about Isaac’s Dream.


Road to Prosperity

Developing the Prosperity Academy has been a long and challenging journey. But in the end, it is a testament to the hard work and faithfulness of hundreds, even thousands of people.

Watch the video to see more about the journey.


When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

Isaac’s Dream is not only about building physical structures for education and medicine, it’s also about building dreams… dreams in the hearts and minds of these children… dreams of striving for and reaching goals in their lives.

Watch the video and discover how these children are not much different than our children.


Prosperity Academy Grand Opening

Here is a video from the Prosperity Academy Grand Opening Day of Events!

We hope that by watching that you, too, can experience the joy, hope, enthusiasm and excitement throughout the entire community. And if you have donated to Isaac’s Dream, please know that you had a big part in making Isaac’s Dream come true. 


Isaac's Dream

The team at Isaac’s Dream and our supporters have intervened and changed the lives of these children forever. By bringing education and medical resources to this community, the people now have hope and aspirations of a brighter future. 

Watch the video and see the impact Isaac’s Dream has made.


Our Mission

Isaac’s Dream will provide educational needs to those with no options, breaking the cycle of lost childhoods and giving hope for generations to come.

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Come be a part of this amazing effort being led by Isaac’s Dream. You will be happy that you did!

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