"We face neither east nor west, we face forward." (Dr.Kwame Nkrumah)

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. (Kofi Annan)



The roots of Isaac's Dream were first planted when Robyn went on a medical mission trip to Ghana, Africa in the summer of 2016. One of the young men who was part of the group in Ghana that assisted the medical team was Isaac Ayensu. Isaac has a dream to come to the United States to study photography and videography, but he also has another dream - to give the children of Ghana something he was once given, a chance. Isaac never knew his father and was orphaned at the age of eight when his mother died, forcing him to live on the streets and fight for the basic needs in life; food. clothing and shelter.  After a few years of homeless life, a family took Isaac in, where not only his primary needs where met, but he also received an education.  This unselfish act of love has taken a hold of Isaac; he would like to gain his education in the States and then return to Ghana to give back to his community, working with Isaac's Dream full time.

Robyn and her husband, Joe, continue to make attempts to bring Isaac to the U.S. to attend college.  This was the first step of Isaac’s Dream, but through other experiences, they were determined to dream bigger.  When they discovered this village where Robyn had treated numerous people never had a school, they felt the need to raise funds and build a school in this precious village.