Prosperity Academy

It all started with a dream on the other side of the world in a small village in Ghana nearly 50 years ago. The Chief of Ahiavekope dreamed, hoped, and prayed for decades that a school would be built in the village to provide an opportunity for children to learn and the community to prosper. God’s plan was revealed to Robyn in 2016 during her fateful medical mission trip to Ahiavekope. Joe and Robyn founded Isaac’s Dream with the goal of building a school, but they had no idea that the school was only a part of God’s much bigger plan for the village. In a short span of seven years, God deployed the generous donations from so many in Kansas City and beyond, and literally transformed the community and created new opportunities for the people that live at the remote village along Lake Volta. Here’s a brief overview of Isaac’s Dream’s many accomplishments in and around Ahiavekope:

Prosperity Academy Grand Opening

Here is a video from the Prosperity Academy Grand Opening Day of Events!

We hope that by watching that you, too, can experience the joy, hope, enthusiasm and excitement throughout the entire community. And if you have donated to Isaac’s Dream, please know that you had a big part in making Isaac’s Dream come true. 

Prosperity Academy

Prosperity Academy in Pictures

Prosperity Academy
Prosperity - Born September 11th, 2018

Prosperity - New Life, New Hope

On September 11th, 2018, Prosperity Academy had its first day of school, and a new life was born into the community of Ahiavekope.

Prosperity, a healthy baby girl who is named after the school, represents the future of Isaac’s Dream in Ghana and we believe the future holds change, hope, and new beginnings.

We believe in the power of education to help end child slavery. We believe a quality education offers a chance of escaping a life of poverty and hardship. We believe YOU can help Isaac’s Dream make a difference.

Our Mission

Isaac’s Dream will provide educational needs to those with no options, breaking the cycle of lost childhoods and giving hope for generations to come.

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